We receive many questions regarding our spectacular coastal, seal and bird cruises along the rugged north Devon coastline. Here are some of the most commonly asked. If your question is not here, get in touch - we'll be happy to hear from you!

1Do babies need to have a ticket?
Yes, all passengers need to have a ticket. This is because our boats are coded to carry 12 passengers, everybody on the boat is included in our passenger numbers even a baby sat on your lap.
2Are dogs allowed on board?
Yes, well behaved, small to medium sized dogs are permitted on our boats, however, often dogs do not like the sensation of being on a bouncy boat so please take this into consideration
3When do you operate the trips?
We will operate from June - September
4Where can I park my car?
There are several car parks in the vicinity of Ilfracombe harbour. Immediately adjacent to the harbour is the pier car park and normally parking is available there each day. Please ensure you allow enough time for parking. You should be ready to check in 15minutes before your trip.
5Can I book a place on a cruise?
Yes! You can book online! If we have any concerns about the weather we will telephone you as far in advance as we can. Full refunds will be given in the event that we have to cancel due to weather or unfavourable sea conditions.
6What facilities do you have for the disabled?
We regret we cannot take wheelchair users onboard. We require you to have good mobility as you will be asked to step across onto the tube of the boat and then down into the boat. There are handles to hold and also a member of staff to assist. If you are in doubt its always best to call or come and have a look before booking
7Do you take children?
We enjoy having children on our cruises, Children are classed as 15 and under. We recommend a minimum age of 2 years old, however we do take younger we just ask for you to consider if your child will enjoy it as we cannot return to harbour once we depart.
8When is your busiest time?
Without a doubt, school holidays are our busiest time, we advise you to book online to ensure that you have your place. Outside of these months there is not usually any difficulty in obtaining places on our vessel. Parking will be difficult during these busy periods. Please ensure you allow plenty of time before you trip. We need to check you in 15minutes before your trip. We cannot wait.
9What time should I arrive for my trip?
If you have pre-booked tickets we would ask that you arrive 15minutes before the vessel is due to sail. Check in at our Kiosk which is the 4th (last) kiosk on the right as you enter the harbour carpark.
10What facilities do you have?
There are toilets on board which we strive to keep meticulously clean. We have sheltered accommodation as well as accommodation on the flying bridge and open seating at the rear of the vessel. You are free to move around on those trips and can usually comfortably do so due to the size of the vessel.
11Do you have Life jackets?
Life jackets are provided for all customers, we have special children and baby life jackets which our staff will fit these at the kiosk. Adult jackets will be provided on the boat. Please do not fiddle with the jackets there is a £20 fine if you should pull inflate the jacket when not asked.