Discover the Beauty of The North Devon Coast with Our RIB Tours

Experience the beauty of the North Devon coastline with our 1 or 2-hour Discover cruise tours onboard our 10m Humber RIB. Led by our experienced and knowledgeable skipper, each of our Discover tours will take a unique route, which is adapted to current conditions and recent wildlife sightings. Our tours also feature full commentary from the skipper, who will fill you in with the history of the areas and landmarks that you will see on your coastal tour.

1 hour Cruise

Adults: £24.50

Children: £17.50


2 hour Cruise

Adults: £42.50

Children: £32.50



Embarking from Ilfracombe Harbour, our 1-hour RIB cruise will head inshore typically in either an eastern or a western direction, depending on the conditions of the day. Both are equally picturesque, but ensuring you have the safest and most enjoyable trip possible is our number one priority, and we aim to tailor our trips to you, our customers, as much as we possibly can.

If the tour journeys to the east, you will be treated to views of Hele Bay, Watermouth Harbour – complete with views of Watermouth Castle – and Combe Martin, to name but a few of the locations, before ending at Hangman Hills where you will be able to view the tallest sea cliffs in England! If conditions take the tour to the west, expect to see Tunnel Beaches, Lee Bay, and the Bull Point Lighthouse on your trip; you may even spot a colony of grey seals at Rockham Bay.

What Is the Difference Between A 1 Hour And 2 Hour Tour?

We often get asked about the difference between our tours, and the answer is quite simple. The 2-hour tour encompasses everything you would experience in the 1-hour tour but just allows us to head out a bit further and experience more of the stunning North Devon coastline and points of interest.

For example, the longer tour to the east means you will witness the rugged Exmoor coastline, where you will be able to spot the Sherracombe waterfall, which was a source of fresh drinking water for German U-Boats during World War II. This tour will also finish in Lynmouth Harbour where you will hopefully view the cliffside railway in action, before turning around and heading back to Ilfracombe Harbour.

To the west, you will see more of Woolacombe – home to one of the top 10 ranked beaches in the UK and one of the top 20 in the world – and other locations such as Baggy Point, Saunton Sands beach and even as far as Northam Burrows and the Westward Ho! pebble ridge. During these trips, the skipper will be sure to head to the areas of most recent wildlife activity and known feeding areas to maximise the amount of wildlife spotted, which could include sightings of dolphins and porpoises, although our dedicated Dolphin Adventure Tour might be your best option for wildlife spotting.

This is just a snippet of what you will experience on our Discover RIB tours, which we will tailor to your tastes as much as we possibly can - we want to ensure you leave our boat tours with memories that will last a lifetime!


What Should I Bring on the Trip?

  • Waterproof/Windproof Clothing – no matter the temperature is when we’re on land, it gets chillier out at sea. We recommend that you bring an extra layer!
  • Camera or Phone – you will no doubt want to document your trip and ensure you have a record of the wildlife and sights that you see, so we would recommend bringing your phone or camera along. We must note that these are brought on at your own risk as we do not offer cover for any devices damaged or lost on our trips, although thanks to our smooth sailing skipper, this is rarely a problem!
  • Sunglasses – not only will the sunglasses protect you from the rays, but if you have polarised lenses it reduces the sun’s reflection which will allow you to see into the water more clearly.
  • Sun cream – it is a must! You may not feel the heat when you are zooming along, but we promise, it will still catch you
  • But as with all our suggestions (except the sun cream) it is completely your choice!