Evening Cruise

Head out on a beautiful 1.5hour evening cruise to witness a setting sun over the Atlantic. As we travel along our crew will show you various points of interest and share their knowledge with you. Sit back and relax as we show you our beautiful coast in a whole new light.

1.5 hour Cruise

Adults: £36.50

Children: £29.50



What Should I Bring on the Trip?

  • Waterproof/Windproof Clothing – no matter the temperature is when we’re on land, it gets chillier out at sea. We recommend that you bring an extra layer!
  • Camera or Phone – you will no doubt want to document your trip and ensure you have a record of the wildlife and sights that you see, so we would recommend bringing your phone or camera along. We must note that these are brought on at your own risk as we do not offer cover for any devices damaged or lost on our trips, although thanks to our smooth sailing skipper, this is rarely a problem!
  • Sunglasses – not only will the sunglasses protect you from the rays, but if you have polarised lenses it reduces the sun’s reflection which will allow you to see into the water more clearly.
  • Sun cream – it is a must! You may not feel the heat when you are zooming along, but we promise, it will still catch you
  • But as with all our suggestions (except the sun cream) it is completely your choice!